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Felix “FeFe” Burgos was born in Bayamon, PR and later moved to St. Augustine, FL at the age of 9. Being brought up in a house filled with music, dance, musicians, and artist, it wasn’t hard for him to fall in love with his craft that now he calls a job, dancing. Moving to FL the culture was very different for FeFe and it took a lot of getting used to. FeFe and his brother loved entertaining his parent and family at any family function whether that was dancing, singing, rapping, etc., it did not matter, he just loved to make people laugh and have a good time. At the age of 17 one of FeFe’s friend showed him a video of Lyle Beniga where it would literally change his whole life. Being so inspired, at the age of 18 he took the biggest decision of his life and decided to move to the Big Apple, New York City. There FeFe would go on to meet his mentor Valentine Norton and Rhapsody James where they would push FeFe to new heights. Being a part of Project Valentine in NY and Motivating Excellence, a lot of people started viewing FeFe in a different light and now he was getting hire by choreographers such as Jermaine Browne, Fatima Robinson, Adrien Wiltshire, Tanisha Scott, and more. In NY FeFe did gigs such as Rachel Roy fashion editorial, VH1 Divas, and worked with numerous artist. After living in NY for almost 3yrs, FeFe then decided to make another big step and move to sunny Los Angeles, CA. There FeFe would go on to book some of the biggest jobs of his life, meet some of the biggest choreographers in the game and meet some of the most amazing artist in the world. FeFe was able to grace the stage with artist such as Usher, Will.I.Am, Cheryl Cole, New Edition, Jennifer Hudson, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, P. Diddy, and many many more. After years of booking and working consistently FeFe then landed the biggest job of his life which was dancing along side with Chris Brown. He choreographed videos such as Party, Grass Ain’t Greener, assisted in Anyway and others. He has choreographed for artist such as Timbaland, Pia Mia, Chris Brown, and more. Having done a tremendous amount of music videos, live tv shows, award shows, stage performances and tours, he then decided that it was time to take on another challenge and begin teaching. FeFe now teaches around the world and has taught at schools/ conventions such as Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds, Movement Lifestyle, Broadway Dance Center, Brickhouse NYC, Dance 411, Monsters Of Hip Hop, Impact Dance and many many more with his companion Denise Yuri Disla. FeFe doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon and in his book he is just getting started!