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When does registration open?

Registration for REVEAL EAST COAST begins Friday July 12, 2019  at 10:00AM CST.

How much are your discounted packages, and how can I take advantage them?

You can find out our prices and how to use them by sending us an e-mail with the discount you're interested in. 

Some of the students in my group of 10+ want to do a PRO REVEAL session and some don't, how do we handle this?

Send us an e-mail with the names of the students, their levels and their desired PRO REVEAL session teacher.

How much will it be to take only one class with *insert teacher name*?

To take a single class at REVEAL, it will be the price of the full workshop. In other words, there are no single class tickets available.  

Will there be scholarships or awards given at the REVEAL Dance Experience?

Our aim at REVEAL is to build strong students and strong leaders. We will be giving out tons of awards and scholarships throughout the weekend to promote hard work, community, and leadership.

Who are the teachers that I can have a PRO REVEAL session with?

Devin Solomon, Delaney Glazer, Shaun Evaristo, Diana Matos, and Dylan Mayoeal will have PRO REVEAL Sessions.

I forgot to use my discount code/Can't make it anymore, can I get a refund? 

No. All purchases are final.

More Questions? Send us an e-mail on our contact page!

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